2021 Dry Riesling | Doolittle | Foxley Estate, Columbia Gorge

The Doolittle Raid was a hastily planned retaliation by the U.S. after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Lt. Col. Doolittle, a famous test pilot & engineer was assigned to plan the raid which included 16 highly modified B-25 bombers manned by exceptional aircrews. The B-25 had to be able to launch from an aircraft carrier with a 2,000 lbs payload & cruise at twice its normal range. On 4/18/42 the raid launched without any guarantees or escorts. All 16 planes were able to deliver their payload and jettison with only two crews captured. Doolittle believed that he would face a court-martial for the losses, but he instead received the Medal of Honor and was promoted to brigadier general.

13% Alc./Vol.
750 mL
pH: 3.2 / TA: 5.7 g/L
Vineyard: Foxley Estate – Veteran owned
AVA: Columbia Gorge (WA)
• Dry – no perceivable residual sugar
• No animal ingredients

Winemaker notes: Hand picked single block riesling from Foxley Estate Vineyard in the Columbia Gorge. Aged on the lees and stirred regularly for flavor and mouthfeel. No additives or fining agents used. Polish filtered for clarity and stability.