Our Brand

"Why Dauntless?" is a common question in the tasting room - 
We chose Dauntless Wine Cømpany as our brand because "dauntless" is an adjective meaning fearlessness and determination. This term fits our mission and who we are individually. Simply put, we are dauntless in our endeavor -

Our wordmark features a distinct bow that represents our "bend don't break" mentality.
The stylized "ø" has a variety of definitions, but for us it means that the company is interlocked in its mission to help Veterans. This is influenced by our previous experiences in machine manufacturing using systems that interlock.

We commemorate every label to military history; whether that be a pivotal battle, campaign, or piece of technology that changed the world - we tell a story with every label and honor the past so it is not forgotten. We use striking images from the public domain, many of them taken by military photographers on the front lines. Our Pacific Theater label is just one example from our line up; which can be viewed here.