Our Story

Dauntless Wine Cømpany is a veteran-owned and operated winery whose mission is to serve the veteran community through agriculture, mentorship, and charitable contribution. Located in the northern Willamette Valley, our goal is to craft premium Oregon wine while helping veterans translate their talents from the field to the farm. We are committed to service by giving veterans a professional alternative through viticulture and enology, allowing them to decompress from the stressors of post-war life.

Dauntless Wine Co. was founded by three Iraq war combat veterans—two Marines and one Corpsman. After years of service; the three founders felt that more could be done for the veterans community.

But why wine?

Winemakers agree that great wine is made in the vineyard, which at its heart is one of man's oldest agricultural crops. It is well known that Roman Legionaries expanded viticulture throughout Europe to supply the Legion with wine, vinegar, and posca. Soldiering and farming have been intertwined for millennia because both require hard work and attention to detail; perhaps one of the oldest methods is tending the land. Wine just happens to be the reward for dedicating ourselves to one of Earth's greatest gifts—the grape.

However, wine is only half of the equation, and not the most important half. America faces a growing need to serve the veteran community, which is often forgotten and left to their own devices. America's veterans need guidance from within their ranks. Therefore, Dauntless contributes to organizations that serve the local veteran community.

Today, two out of every three retiring farmers are not replaced, and once again, veterans are needed to serve America. That's why we are a proud member of the Farmer Veteran Coalition, a 501(c)(3) organization that assists veterans in becoming farmers and agricultural leaders in their communities. Dauntless Wine Co. is committed to veterans through viticulture and enology, allowing them to decompress from the stressors of post-war life.