2018 Blanc De Noirs | "Thud" | Jesse Estate, Willamette Valley, OR
2018 Blanc De Noirs | "Thud" | Jesse Estate, Willamette Valley, OR
2018 Blanc De Noirs | "Thud" | Jesse Estate, Willamette Valley, OR

2018 Blanc De Noirs | "Thud" | Jesse Estate, Willamette Valley, OR

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In 1955 the F-105 Thunderchief, aptly nicknamed “Thud”, was the largest single-seat, single-engine combat aircraft in history. With a capacity larger than most WWII bombers, it was the workhorse of OP Rolling Thunder. This operation embodied the conundrum of Vietnam with bureaucracy & corporate interests restricting command from targeting vital objectives over N. Vietnam. Limited to bombing bridges and logistics, pilots ran a gauntlet along “Thud Ridge” with strict orders not to engage the enemy. Because of this, the Thud became the only U.S. aircraft to be removed from combat due to high losses. This forced a cultural change within the fighter community; which independently created Ex. Red Flag and pushed command to supplement the F-15 with the F-16.

Winemaker notes: Thud is my first Blanc de Noir – a white wine made from pinot noir. The grapes went from the vine straight to press. A light peach or salmon color is the only hint that this was a red wine grape. The original plan was to make a clean white wine and serve it on draft; but Thud had other plans! It quickly stood out as a complex wine that deserved to be bottled. We didn't have a name or label for it until September, only two months before its release! And like the Trébuchet and Howitzer, this will be the last Blanc de Noir for the foreseeable future, perhaps we'll do another in 2020, but situation dictates! With 100 cases produced this will most likely be gone within the year. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do because Thud fought its way in to bottle and in this release!

Tasting notes: Thud is coming in hot with fresh aromas of melon, honeydew, and stone fruit! This Blanc de Noir is viscous and full bodied with a mid palate full of key lime pie and grapefruit. Bright acid will clear the palate leaving your mouth watering through a long finish. Bring your wingman because this is not your average white wine!

100 cases produced
14.7% ABV
pH: 3.6

We do our best to guarantee the freshest quality wine to your doorstep! During the warm months we cannot guarantee wines that are shipped standard Home or Ground. Expedited shipping with cold packing between May and September is required for our freshness guarantee.

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Each wine is hand crafted at our boutique winery in the Chehalem Mountains. We practice low intervention winemaking in order to express the region and the vintage where the grapes are grown.

Our wines contain natural and added sulfites for freshness with no additional preservatives or animal products. You have our guarantee that you are drinking wine produced from grapes and nothing else.

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