2017 Pinot Noir | Trebuchet | Willamette Valley, Oregon

The counterweight trébuchet was an engineering marvel capable of hurling boulders over 300m! Designed to level castles, the trébuchet was the first siege engine to employ a fulcrum to launch a projectile. It surpassed the catapult in power, accuracy, and design. The trébuchet “bad neighbor” was known to induce landslides in order to collapse city walls. The design is said to have influenced clockwork & theoretical  physics. Consequently, the trébuchet persisted into the 15th century toppling castles alongside the howitzer cannon. 

Winemaker notes:
I have high expectations for Trébuchet's sophomore vintage. Like its predecessor, the 2017 vintage is 100% free run wine that was pulled off from the "Howitzer" lots. Contrary to the 2016 vintage which was 50/50 pommard and wädenswil, the '17 is a mix of pommard, 777, 115, and wädenswil clones – giving it a deeper breadth of aromas. I accented the wine with 30-40% new medium+ fire toasted American oak. I did not add anything other than organic levels of sulfites; making it a clean and pure expression of the vintage. This will be the last Trébuchet and Howitzer combo for the foreseeable future as we were unable to keep the free and press runs separate in the 2018 vintage. Regardless, the '17 Trébuchet was our largest production for the 2017 vintage at 230 cases, so there will be plenty to go around!

Tasting notes: Trébuchet returns with a new vintage full of black cherry, vanilla, cola, and baking spice. The oak reveals itself with hints of toasted cedar. Bright acid and subtle tannins will wet your cheeks and dry your tongue. The finish melts in to velvet and extends with hints of anise.

230 cases produced
13.7% ABV
pH: 3.6