Charity Pack – Proceeds Benefit Dauntless Veteran Foundation

Charity Pack – Proceeds Benefit Dauntless Veteran Foundation

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Proceeds from the sale of each one of these charity packs benefits our newly established non-profit the Dauntless Veteran Foundation

The Dauntless Veteran Foundation has a singular mission: to train and equip veterans to translate their talents from the field to the farm. Broadly, DVF's goal is to help Veterans rehabilitate and reintegrate through agriculture.

The vision for Dauntless Veteran Foundation is to create and expand a network of interdependent and self-sufficient veteran farms practicing sustainable agriculture through community based education and production.

3 bottles - $125 ($45 donated) 
1x 2022 Trenton Pinot Gris
1x 2021 Trebuchet Pinot Noir
1x 2021 Sherman Syrah

6 bottles - $250 ($90 donated)  
2x 2022 Trenton Pinot Gris
2x 2021 Trebuchet Pinot Noir
2x 2021 Sherman Syrah

12 bottles - $500 + FREE SHIPPING ($180 donated)
4x 2022 Trenton Pinot Gris
4x 2021 Trebuchet Pinot Noir
4x 2021 Sherman Syrah

We do our best to guarantee the freshest quality wine to your doorstep! During the warm months we cannot guarantee wines that are shipped standard Home or Ground. Expedited shipping with cold packing between May and September is required for our freshness guarantee.

Free Ground shipping on a case of 12 bottles

Each wine is hand crafted at our boutique winery in the Chehalem Mountains. We practice low intervention winemaking in order to express the region and the vintage where the grapes are grown.

Our wines contain natural and added sulfites for freshness with no additional preservatives or animal products. You have our guarantee that you are drinking wine produced from grapes and nothing else.

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