2022 Pinot Gris | Trenton | Tualatin Hills AVA
2022 Pinot Gris | Trenton | Tualatin Hills AVA
2022 Pinot Gris | Trenton | Tualatin Hills AVA
2022 Pinot Gris | Trenton | Tualatin Hills AVA

2022 Pinot Gris | Trenton | Tualatin Hills AVA

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The Battle of Trenton was a small but pivotal engagement between the Continental Army and Hessian mercenaries on the frozen morning of Dec. 26th, 1776. General Washington needed a victory after a series of defeats in New York. So in a daring move he led a surprise attack across the Delaware river on Christmas night. Washington’s final note to his commanders was “Victory or Death”. Washington’s crossing was the only element to successfully make it across the river. The ensuing victory rallied the Army, restored colonial confidence, galvanized the militias, and ultimately saved the American Revolution.

Tasting notes: Notes of fuji apple, mandarin, and honey suckle/orange blossom compliment a palate of lemongrass with crisp acid that's sure to leave your mouth watering for more. 

12.3% Alc./Vol.
750 mL
pH: 3.6 | TA: 5.1 g/L
Vineyard: Old 47 Estate
AVA: Tualatin Hills
244 Cases produced
Contains a probiotic culture with natural and added sulfites for freshness. No additional additives, preservatives, animal products, or residual sugar. A 5oz serving contains 120 calories

We do our best to guarantee the freshest quality wine to your doorstep! During the warm months we cannot guarantee wines that are shipped standard Home or Ground. Expedited shipping with cold packing between May and September is required for our freshness guarantee.

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Each wine is hand crafted at our boutique winery in the Chehalem Mountains. We practice low intervention winemaking in order to express the region and the vintage where the grapes are grown.

Our wines contain natural and added sulfites for freshness with no additional preservatives or animal products. You have our guarantee that you are drinking wine produced from grapes and nothing else.

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