Pre-Harvest Update

This has been an incredible year and we have all of you to thank! Between getting settled at the ADEA Wine Studio, to our first club release and the overwhelming encouragement from our first rosé, the team at Dauntless
has been humbled and thrilled by the support we have received!


Our wines have been recognized by the Drink Pink International Rose competition, Northwest Wine Summit, and the Oregon Wine Experience! Between the three events our wines received a combination of Gold, Silver, and Bronze! The 2016 Riveter rosé netted Gold and Bronze; while the 2015 Howitzer and No Man's Land landed Silver. We are still waiting on the results from the Sunset International competition and Wine Spectator - but are hopeful for more positive feedback!

In competitions, wines are judged by their aroma/bouquet, clarity, and mouthfeel. They are given points based on their balance; medals are then awarded on a scale – Bronze is 86-89 points, Silver 90-94, and Gold 95-100. We are proud to be able to serve you 90+ point wines, and will continue to strive for excellence in every way!

Inventory Update

All I can say about the remnants of the 2015 vintage is, get some more while you can! We have 5 cases left before we library the 2015 Reserve and Howitzer! We are excited to see what these wines become so expect a re-release in the indefinite future. Trust us, it’s hard for us to hold on to them for any amount of time too!

Winemaker Update

The 2016 vintage is in its final stages as the wines harmonize in tank. Our first bottling of the 2016 pinot noir will be our single clone pommard. Many of you have had the opportunity to taste it out of barrel, and marked it as your favorite. Coincidentally, it has also proved itself as the bankbone of our final blends; meaning we only have 30 cases of it to share with you.

The 2016 pommard will feature a striking new label, and will be included in our fall release this November. Expect that it will sell out as fast as the Riveter rosé! Note that the pommard will be available to club members only

Club Update

There are 5 slots left in our 100 member Founders Club - once full we will close Founders Club memberships indefinitely. Sign up now to guarantee your 30% lifetime discount - the last slots will be first come first served!

Coming up

There are a few things coming down the pipe that we all can look forward to. Firstly, the bottling of 2016, and the harvest of 2017. Second, we have been lucky enough to take over the direction of a small plot of land in the Sylvan Hills, and look forward in a year or two to see what it produces! We will see what they can produce, and if they are worthy of unique Founder's Club only wines.

Last, we have moved into the ADEA clubhouse, which is the first building you encounter – please come check it out, we have AC! Aside from that, Paul and Ryan put together a stunning live edge bar. We look forward to hopefully seeing you all very soon so we can share a glass, a few laughs, and some stories. Until then – Stay Dauntless

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