Happy Solstice!

Summer is here, and things are moving along for Dauntless! We have nailed down the final blends for 2016 and are excited to share them with you. They are ready for the bottle, and are acting like they have something to prove! Bottling dates are still TBD, but the 2016 No Man's Land should be ready for the next Founder's Club pickup in Fall. 

2016 Futures Tasting

We have transitioned the 2016 vintage from oak to stainless to let the wine harmonize over summer. We're planning to offer a Founder's Club only futures tasting of the 2016 with special one time pricing! Be on the lookout - more info to come!

Inventory Update

Our inventory of the 2015 vintage is hitting critical levels! We're down to approximately 28 cases of the Reserve, 32 of the Howitzer, and 56 of the No Man's Land! They will be put in to our library once they reach 21 cases - so grab your bottles while you can!

Club Update

The Dauntless Founder's Club is now at 70/100! the momentum has been incredible, and we're excited to see what the future holds! The Founder's Club will be closed indefinitely at 100 members. We will reassess opening another club level once we raise our production past 1000 cases. There's still time to join! For those of you who have signed up - THANK YOU!

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