2017 Vintage Update!

January 10, 2018

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind with crush, bottling, and a club release all falling in to the same time frame. Thank you for a successful 2017, we are excited to take the momentum into 2018! We could not have done it without the help of our friends and family, our Founder's Club, Jesse Estate Vineyards, Flume Family Vineyards, and many others. Let's look at what the new year has in store –

Wrapping up the 2016 vintage:

We have yet to bottle the 2016 No Man's Land and Howitzer, these two labels have been our backbone and we're excited for their next iteration. Both offer unique palates that are sure to delight any wine drinker. We will bottle 100 cases of No Man's Land, and 400 cases of Howitzer. Pricing is to be determined, but we anticipate the No Man's Land will be $35, while the Howitzer will become our entry level pinot noir at $20. We anticipate a spring release for both.

Current Releases:

2016 Trébuchet Pinot Noir - We bottled the Trébuchet on the Marine Corps birthday (Nov. 10) and it quickly became a new household favorite. Soft and delicate with plenty of blue/purple fruit on the nose. It is a balancing act between free-run Pommard and whole cluster Wadenswil. The Trébuchet will serve as a perfect vertical comparison with the 2016 No Man's Land and Pacific Theater since it is a combination of the two. It is ready to drink or be cellared, either way it will be a treat to share with friends and family!

2016 Pacific Theater Pommard - This is a limited bottling of free-run Pommard initially reserved for our Founder's Club. We have fulfilled our club release and have 10 cases left. We are now opening the sale of Pacific Theater to everyone on a first come first served basis. Grab one to complete a perfect vertical with Trébuchet and No Man's Land!

Upcoming new releases:

2017 Riveter Rosé - Everyone's favorite heroine will be back this spring! Don't worry, we doubled our production to ensure there will be enough for the club and tasting room. The 2017 Riveter is a rosé done in the saignee method, which is free-run juice bled off from maceration. This year we macerated the juice and skins between 72 and 24 hours, and included a larger mix of pinot noir clones. The 2017 Riveter has already developed similar flavors to last year, but has brighter acid and a more complex palate. We anticipate another Apr/May release for Riveter.

2017 Trenton Pinot Gris - We skipped white wines in 2016 leaving our 2015 Trenton as our only white offering. The grapes in our '15 gris originated from the southern Willamette Valley, but we're following up with a new gris from our own backyard thanks to Jesse Estate Vineyards. The '17 Trenton is already coming at us with a big palate packed with a ton of tropical notes! The flavor profile is a pleasant surprise that will stand out among a white flight. A release date has yet to be determined.

2017 Chardonnay - We rallied our pickups and made a trip to the Columbia Gorge AVA to grab 1.5 tons of Chardonnay this year. We fermented in a poly tank in order to let the Chardonnay breathe during the ferment. The results have been great so far with more tropical notes coming through. We have yet to decide if it will receive an oak treatment or not, it will be a light treatment if we do give it oak. The label is still in the works, but it will be a nod to the Navy. We are aiming for a spring release.

2017 Late Harvest Riesling - A last second 1 ton harvest of Riesling pulled from the vines on Halloween. Our first Riesling has been a low and slow ferment that continues as we speak. We're down to about 7% residual sugar with a goal to get it as dry as possible. It is already showing a lot of peach on the palate and we hope that carries through to the bottle. We are unsure if it will be a standalone wine or a base for a white blend. A name and release date has yet to be determined as well.

2017 Pinot Noir - We have A LOT of pinot this year with new clones to work with. We're excited to see what we can come up with. Thank you to Jesse Estate Vineyards once again for providing spectacular fruit for us to work with!

In all we'll come close to hitting the 1,000 case mark for the 2017 vintage. This is a huge milestone for us! It's crazy to think that we've hit 1K in only a couple of years, we had no idea that we would be received like we have been. Thank you for supporting us this far!

Tasting Room Winter Hours: Our tasting room will remain open throughout the winter Saturday 12-5; or until inclement weather makes for unsafe driving conditions. Come pay us a visit, and be sure to ask for a sample of our 2017 wines! :)

Our nose has been on the grind stone, but there's more news to come - stay tuned!

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