2019 Chardonnay | Dreadnought | Columbia River Gorge

The scales of naval power were reset overnight with the launch of a single ship in 1906, the HMS Dreadnought. The first of its kind, it made such a strong impression on society that subsequent battleships were referred generically as “dreadnoughts”. The design had several revolutionary features: heavier armament & armor, superfiring turrets, and steam turbine propulsion. As a result, dreadnought races sprang up around the world leading up to World War I. The battle of Jutland in 1916 was the only battle between dreadnought fleets & the last in history primarily fought by battleships.

13.1% ABV
pH: 3.51
TA: 6.1 g/L
Malic: <.05 g/L
Vineyard: Flume Family Vineyards
AVA: Columbia Gorge (WA)
• Dry – no perceivable residual sugar
• Malolactic fermented
• No animal ingredients

Tasting notes: Hand picked chardonnay from Flume Family Vineyards in the Columbia Gorge. Lightly pressed grapes. A long cool fermentation persisted for one month with temperatures never exceeding 17°C (62°F). Malo-lactic fermented. Aged on the lees and aged with American Medium toasted oak. Ideally stored between a constant 10-18°C (50-65°F)