2018 White Wine | HUEY | Jesse Estate, Willamette Valley, OR
2018 White Wine | HUEY | Jesse Estate, Willamette Valley, OR
2018 White Wine | HUEY | Jesse Estate, Willamette Valley, OR

2018 White Wine | HUEY | Jesse Estate, Willamette Valley, OR

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The UH-1 helicopter was unveiled in 1960 and set seven world records, including longest non-stop flight, top speed, and fastest climb. Even though the formal name for the UH-1 was Iroquois, it was nicknamed the “Huey” due to the original HU-1 designation. During the Vietnam War, the Huey flew over 15 million sorties in support of ground forces throughout the region. It holds the legacy of being the longest used and most manufactured helicopter in US military history, and to this day is one the most utilized and recognized helicopters of armed forces around the world. 

Winemaker notes: Hand picked pinot gris from the Chehalem Mts. blended with fresh blanc de noir juice 5 days in to the fermentation. Aged on the lees for stability & flavor profile. Finished with US medium toasted oak. Ideally stored neck down between a constant 7-12°C (45-54°F)  

Tasting notes: Huey is a white wine with 70% pinot gris blended with 30% blanc de noir. We then complimented it with American medium toasted oak. Huey presents a beautiful golden peach/bronze color which comes from both the gris skins and blanc noir juice. You're in for fresh acid with a nectarine twist, a subtle hint of honey-mustard, and a creamy vanilla finish. Like the helo, this wine is going to take your palate for a ride!

100 cases produced
14.9% ABV
pH: 3.4
TA: 6.0 g/L
No animal ingredients used

We do our best to guarantee the freshest quality wine to your doorstep! During the warm months we cannot guarantee wines that are shipped standard Home or Ground. Expedited shipping with cold packing between May and September is required for our freshness guarantee.

Free Ground shipping on a case of 12 bottles

Each wine is hand crafted at our boutique winery in the Chehalem Mountains. We practice low intervention winemaking in order to express the region and the vintage where the grapes are grown.

Our wines contain natural and added sulfites for freshness with no additional preservatives or animal products. You have our guarantee that you are drinking wine produced from grapes and nothing else.

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