White Wine

Charity Pack! Proceeds Benefit Featured Veteran Charity

Every quarter we highlight a Veteran charity that will receive $15, $30, or $60 respectively from the sale of each of these packs. We support Veteran charities that are directly impacting our communities and you can help with the purchase of one of these pre-made packs!

This quarters  featured Veteran charity is The Corps Network. Established in 1985, The Corps Network is the National Association of Service and Conservation Corps. They have 129 chapters that provide young adults and Veterans the opportunity to serve our country through projects on public lands and in rural and urban communities. 

3 bottles - $75 + $15 shipping 
3x 2016 Howitzer Pinot Noir

6 bottles - $161 + FREE SHIPPING (5% OFF - SAVE $40!) 
3x 2016 Howitzer Pinot Noir
2x 2017 Dreadnought Chardonnay
1x 2017 No Man's Land Pinot Noir

12 bottles - $306 + FREE SHIPPING (10% OFF - SAVE $80!)
6x 2016 Howitzer Pinot Noir
4x 2017 Dreadnought Chardonnay
2x 2017 No Man's Land Pinot Noir

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