White Wine

Charity Pack! Proceeds Benefit Featured Veteran Charity

Every quarter we highlight a Veteran charity that will receive $15, $30, or $60 respectively from the sale of each of these packs. We support Veteran charities that are directly impacting our communities and you can help with the purchase of one of these pre-made packs!

This quarter's featured Veteran charity is the Returning Veterans Project. Established in 2005, RVP supports the healing and health of our veterans and military communities by connecting post-9/11 war zone veterans, service members, and their families with free, confidential mental and physical health services. Their mission is to remove the barriers to mental and physical health services so that those we serve can have free, confidential access to the care they need.

3 bottles - $85 + $15 shipping 
2x 2018 Riveter Rosé
1x 2017 No Man's Land Pinot Noir

6 bottles - $180 + FREE SHIPPING (5% OFF) 
1x 2018 Riveter Rosé
2x 2016 Howitzer Pinot Noir
2x 2017 Dreadnought Chardonnay
1x 2017 No Man's Land Pinot Noir

12 bottles - $337 + FREE SHIPPING (10% OFF)
3x 2018 Riveter Rosé
3x 2016 Howitzer Pinot Noir
3x 2017 Dreadnought Chardonnay
3x 2017 No Man's Land Pinot Noir

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