2021 Syrah | Sherman | Tualatin Hills AVA
2021 Syrah | Sherman | Tualatin Hills AVA
2021 Syrah | Sherman | Tualatin Hills AVA
2021 Syrah | Sherman | Tualatin Hills AVA
2021 Syrah | Sherman | Tualatin Hills AVA

2021 Syrah | Sherman | Tualatin Hills AVA

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The M4 Sherman was the most widely used medium tank by the Western Allies in WWII, and was the antithesis of the German tanks it faced. With over 12 variants built on the chassis or hull, the Sherman was simple, reliable, cheap to produce, and easy to work on. Tank units were shadowed by recovery units that repaired disabled vehicles in the field and returned them to service quickly – even with riddled hulls. Comparatively, German tanks had to leave the front in order to be repaired. This combination gave the Allies an numerical edge, which ultimately won the Western front.

Winemaking notes: A hand picked, single block, late harvest, Syrah from Old 47 Estate Vineyard in the Tualatin Hills AVA. Destemmed, not crushed. Punched down daily during a 2.5 week ferment. Unfined and polished filtered with natural and added sulfites for freshness, no additional additives, preservatives, animal products, or residual sugar. Aged 1.5 years on the lees with French Medium+ toasted oak. 

Tasting notes: This cool climate Syrah is produced in a pinot noir style and features a delicate palate, fruity undertones, and a gentle tannin profile that builds on a long finish. This versatile wine can easily stand up to a meal or be enjoyed solo.

125 cases produced
14.3% Alc./Vol.
750 mL
pH: 3.9 | TA 5.7 g/L
Vineyard: Old 47 Estate
AVA: Tualatin Hills
Mix: 95% Syrah, 5% pinot noir
130 calories in a 5oz serving

We do our best to guarantee the freshest quality wine to your doorstep! During the warm months we cannot guarantee wines that are shipped standard Home or Ground. Expedited shipping with cold packing between May and September is required for our freshness guarantee.

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Each wine is hand crafted at our boutique winery in the Chehalem Mountains. We practice low intervention winemaking in order to express the region and the vintage where the grapes are grown.

Our wines contain natural and added sulfites for freshness with no additional preservatives or animal products. You have our guarantee that you are drinking wine produced from grapes and nothing else.

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