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Under Siege Vertical (30% off!)

This pack includes:

  • 1x 2017 Howitzer
  • 2x 2017 Trébuchet
  • 1x 2016 Howitzer
  • 1x 2016 Trébuchet
  • 1x 2015 Howitzer

This is very limited release as we are bringing the '15 Howitzer out from retirement - only 10 cases of this wine remain.

Besiege your palate with this mixed pack of our ever so popular Trébuchet and Howitzer pinot noirs! These two wines come from the same fermentation lot, the difference is that Trébuchet is the "free-run" while Howitzer is the "press-run". What this means is that once the fermentation is finished, we siphon off the free standing wine and separate it, this eventually becomes our Trébuchet. We then take the grape skins and press the remaining wine out of them to create Howitzer. Typically wineries will blend these two back together, but we separate them and create two distinct wines from a single lot. 

The biggest difference between the free and press runs is that the press run has more tannin and a bigger profile overall - thus the name Howitzer. The free run Trébuchet is much more delicate, velvety, and fruit forward.

These polarizing wines are our most awarded line up to date! Between them they have netted:

  • 2x Best of Show ('16 Trébuchet @ New York Intl. Wine Comp / '17 Howitzer @ First Taste of Oregon)
  • 1x Double Gold ('16 Trébuchet @ Oregon Wine Experience - unanimous panel score of 95+ points)
  • 1x Gold (95 points)
  • 2x Silver (panel score of 90 points) 

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