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Charity Pack! Proceeds Benefit Featured Veteran Charity

Our charity packs highlight a Veteran charity that will receive $10, $20, or $30 respectively from the sale of these packs. We support Veteran charities that are directly impacting our communities and you can help with the purchase of one of these pre-made packs!

Featured Veteran Charity: VETPAW

VETPAW is a group of post 9/11 US veterans with combat skills who are committed to protecting and training Park Rangers to combat poaching on the ground in Africa.

They employ veterans to help fight the increasing unemployment rate of this group in the US but also, and most importantly, because their skills learned on the frontlines in Afghanistan is unrivaled. These highly trained service men and women lead the war against brutality and oppression, for both human beings and the animal kingdom.

3 bottles - $99 + FREE SHIPPING 
1x 2018 "Thud" Blanc de Noir
1x 2017 Trébuchet Pinot Noir
1x 2017 No Man's Land Pinot Noir

6 bottles - $199 + FREE SHIPPING (5% OFF) 
1x 2018 "Thud" Blanc de Noir
1x 2017 No Man's Land Pinot Noir
2x 2017 Howitzer Pinot Noir
2x 2017 Trébuchet Pinot Noir

12 bottles - $384 + FREE SHIPPING (5% OFF)
3x 2018 "Thud" Blanc de Noir
3x 2017 No Man's Land Pinot Noir
3x 2017 Howitzer Pinot Noir
3x 2017 Trébuchet Pinot Noir

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